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Teach the Highwayman!

THE HIGHWAYMAN – An Educational Resource for KS2

In this section you will find cross-curricular resources linked to The Life of a Highwayman. These resources can be delivered as part of a topic based around the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes or as individual lessons that link to aspects of history, geography, outdoor learning and much more. Each lesson has been designed to link to curriculum aspects of upper key stage 2.

The poem by Alfred Noyes forms a starting point for pupil investigations, further developed into lessons covering topics such as travel and transport, old maps, waymarking, milestones and imperial distance measurement. There is also a video of a Highwayman finding his way which can be used as a support resource.

Click below for Learning Objectives, Curriculum Areas and details of Resources for Lessons 1 to 8:

The Highwayman Video

<< Meet the Highwayman Here >>

The Highwayman and his horse

Make Waymarkers